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Special Mechanical Products: Sub-Micron Precision

Many of our products can be manufactured at better than ½ their stated tolerances.  Please note that these are all special orders.

There are components available in the referencing systems that repeat within 1 micron (.000040”) - often described as nano level products. By combining our products with “nano” referencing systems, we have delivered products that have location accuracies and repeatability that are guaranteed to be .000050.” 

In practice, new as delivered tolerances of .000025”  (25 millionths) are achievable if required by the customer. Please contact us with your specific sub-micron requirements.

Examples from our Photo Gallery

ST142 right side


SquareTech with larger matrix chuck setup for vertical or horizontal operation and remote air operation.
Small horizontal on subplate side

System 3R Matrix Chuck on Thick Subplate

System 3R stainless steel matrix chuck on thick subplate.

6″x6″ Hard Milling Magnet on System 3R Matrix

6" x 6" hard milling magnet mounted on System 3R matrix pallet.