Special Mechanical Products: Leveling Fixtures

Eliminate Fixture Shimming

A leveling fixture is placed between the work holding fixture and machine table (in most cases). It allows for the fine movement and alignment of the workpiece in either a single or dual axis.

View Leveling Fixture Configuration Examples in Our Photo Library

While leveling fixtures are generally custom built, most are alterations of existing designs. These alterations are dependent on how much movement is required and at what distance.

The leveling fixture allows the operator to place an indicator on the desired surface and flex the fixture to obtain the desired reading.

While we call it these tools leveling fixtures, they can also be used to align parts with a desired taper (“unleveled”).

Because of the very specific nature of leveling fixtures, we always discuss the project in detail before recommending a solution. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Examples from our Photo Gallery


ER16 Collet Chuck on System 3R with Leveling

ER16 collet chuck was joined with leveling features and mounted to a System 3R macro pallet.  This was used to...
BTDSQ12 on System 3R Macro Automation Leveling Adaptor.

Six Jaw Chuck on System 3R Macro Automation Leveling Adaptor

loaded closeup

Custom Magnet for Small Parts with Leveling on System 3R Matrix Pallet

Custom bi-pole electro permanent magnetic chuck was built for parts smaller than 1" diameter.   The top tooling is friction coated to increase...