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Special Mechanical Products: Custom Solutions

Custom Tool Design & Production

Hermann Schmidt production workholding tools can often be configured to meet requirements thought only possible with custom-designed tools.

We also use our products for innovative solutions beyond original purposes. Since we design and build our tools, we know how to increase performance.

View Custom Configuration Examples in Our Photo Library


Sourcing & Solution Configuration

We are a one-stop resource for all your workholding requirements. We can help you configure the most efficient and cost-effective solutions, using our tools, your tools, and/or tools sourced from select vendors.

If we don’t make an available size or style, we will recommend and acquire tools that meet our high standards. We also source high-quality unique items, including  stainless steel scroll chucks, dovetails, expanding collets and more.

Examples from our Photo Gallery

mzs7036a side

Self Centering Vise on System 3R Macro

Smallest Spreitzer stainless steel self centering vise on System 3R 54mm macro.
Stainless Steel Scroll Chuck on System 3R Macro

Stainless Steel Scroll Chuck on System 3R Macro

Stainless steel scroll chuck mounted on System 3R 70mm macro.
Stick holder complete

System 3R Econovee on Macro Pallet

System 3R Econovee mounted on 54 mm macro.