Stainless Steel Precision Chuck Benefits

Our BTD line of stainless steel precision chucks was conceived when there was a need for workholding in the wire EDM environment while spinning and burning. The only other option available at the time was a collet setup. The BTDR essentially replaced the range of 5C collets.

Benefits of the BTD line over other ways of doing things

Symmetrical fixture

  • While spinning with a v-block.
  • The off center creates a significant turbulence in the tank.
  • while surface grinding not have an off center mass reduces vibration

Repeats within .0001” as part dimeters vary

  • 5C collets do not have good repeatability.
  • If part size is not a nominal value results in even more error
  • When part size changes requires a collet change
  • V-blocks are very difficult to get on .0001” center.
  • Every new part size is a new setup

Work Support to face of fixture

  • Short pieces in a v-block have no support

Relief for headed work

  • Collets do not provide this feature

BTDM Same as above but can hold down to .008” diameter

Larger versions

  • Collets in general do not go above 1.5”
  • Lathe chucks while being able to handle the diameter do not have the accuracy and are not available in stainless steel