Selecting the Right Spin & Index Fixture

Customers often ask us: “Which spin & index fixture do I buy?”

I have already discussed SquareTech, which is a specific solution for high accuracy 90° indexing.

We sell four other styles. Here is some information to help you decide the best solution for your application:

Flatspin – NBFS  NBFS

Mostly used for face grinding on a surface grinding or jig grinding ID/OD.

The unit also has 15° internal indexing stops. Manufactured from tool steel the spindle can be used in a wet environment with pressurization. This unit is sold motorized as a plain spindle without tooling. All face tooling options are available.

Flatspin Spin Indexer product info.

Grindit – NBG  NBG

A very all-purpose tool for spinning and indexing.

The unit has 15° internal indexing stops and adjustable stops for off angle locking and arc limiting. Adjustable stops are set by mounting on a sine plate and indicating the angle. Zero-null feature allows for adjustment of zero +- 8° off of index origin. Manufacture from tool steel the spindle can be used in a wet environment with pressurization. This unit is sold motorized with v-block and 5C collet capabilities. Other face tooling options are available.

Grindit Spin Indexer product info.

Indexer – NBI  NBI

Has all the attributes of the Grindit, but does not need a sine plate to set the adjustable stops.

Patented interlocking Vernier plates allow you to set the adjustable stops to 1 arc second accuracy quickly. The indexer can be left setup in the machine environment and adjustable stops can be moved in location. This model should be purchased if you are using non 15° stops on a weekly basis or less.

Indexer Spin Fixture product info.

Stainless Steel Rotary Index Fixture – RIF-S  RIFS

This is the next generation in small spin and index fixtures.

Manufactured from stainless steel, containing ceramic bearings in a fully submersible package allows the unit to be used in most manufacturing environments, Wire EDM – Sinker EDM – Grinding.

An internal rotary encoder allows you to set up to 45 adjustable stops within 15 arc seconds accuracy. This eliminates the need for setting up using a sine plate and re-verifies your index position every time. Output is switchable between degrees decimal and degrees, minutes, seconds.

This unit is sold as a plain spindle. Motor drive options are the external motor usually used for dry grinding or the internal motor. The internal motor is integral to the RIF-S body allowing for fully submerged operations. The direct drive motor allows for full control 5-1800 RPM and reversing. Indexing accuracy improves to 6 arc seconds.

Options available are:

  • EDM grounding system for ensuring continuity in the EDM environment.
  • Leveling head to add or remove taper from a workpiece.
  • Adapter to rotate spindle to vertical orientation.
  • All face tooling options

Stainless Steel Rotary Index Fixture product info.