Palletizing Services – Considerations

Our product accuracy and reliability coupled with the repeatability of a referencing system allows for the reduction of set-up time and increased productivity from your machine tool. Mounting services along with the palletizing product designation guarantees that specific x-y-z locations are held.

When palletizing work there are many issues which should be considered:

Accuracy and reliability 

  • Most of our products are ground within .0001” of flat, square & parallel.
  • We are the designers, manufacturers and sellers of the products many which have a long history. Products are built for longevity
  • When you buy a Hermann Schmidt product, you are buying it for life.
  • Materials are chosen for the product’s operating environment. The heat treating requirement is set to maintain dimensional stability over time.

Repeatability of a referencing system

  • We offer dealer services for System 3R, Erowa, and Hirschmann.
  • These systems offer repeatability of 2 microns. Some subsystems within their offerings will deliver 1 micron or better repeatability.

Reduction of set-up time and increased productivity

  • Once we have a system that repeats, we can measure once and then trust it is returned to the same location.
  • This location is in reference to a master location initially used to set up the reference system receiver.
  • For example, we can reduce set-up time when we put a vise in the system. After initial set up we have established its location in x-y-z. The next time we run a job there is no set up as these values have been saved.
  • Workholding set-up for the next time has essentially become seconds.

Mounting services along with the palletizing product designation guarantees that specific x-y-z locations are held.

Now we put all of the above together with one added condition:

  • All products marked with the palletizing designation have mounting protocol to place x-y-z surfaces at specific locations
  • These dimensions are held over the life of the product line
  • This allows you to have a reference location in your machine that is flat, square, and parallel along with multiple units that have the same dimensions.
  • You do not need different offsets for different pallets minimizing error
  • You do not need to buy “matching” sets all at once. As your needs expand you can buy tooling to expand with you and it will all match.


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