Narrow Wheel Dresser Operating Instructions

At 25° the tool dresses the back of Grinding Wheel

This Narrow Wheel Dresser is designed to dress the sides of grinding wheels quickly to a very thin width. This method directs the pressure up into the wheel, not to the side.

The rate of stock removal and the width to be dressed are determined by the wheel structure, hardness, density, and grit size. The narrow wheel dresser will dress the sides of any width wheel to a specific size quickly and accurately.

This narrow wheel dresser has successfully dressed wheels down to .010″ with minimum wheel failure.

At 20° the front of the Grinding Wheel is dressed

To operate:

  • Set the narrow wheel dresser at 25-degrees to true up the back of the wheel.
  • Rotate the crank in counterclockwise direction and feed the wheel down.
  • Next, set the dresser at 20-degrees and rough-dress the front side down to 0.40″. Stock removal failure depends on wheel structure.
  • Dresser will easily remove 3/16-inch on one pass on most wheels.
  • To dress wheels below .040″, set dresser at 45-degrees.
For under .040″ , set dresser at 45°

We stock the replacement cluster diamond. SKU: NWD-DIA

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Narrow Wheel Dresser