Magnetic Top Tooling Examples

Pole Extensions

Pole Extensions for Magnetic Top ToolingSimple, mild steel blocks called “pole extensions” bolted to the chuck face can be used to lift the part up providing clearance for through drilling, edge milling and back milling.

These “pole extensions” can also be configured to facilitate part location, magnetic side grip for holding small parts, and clearance for through machining.

  • Applies to all styles of Electro-Permanent Chucks
  • One size magnet can accommodate various sizes
  • Transferring magnetism to side of part

Self-Shimming Support

Self-Shimming Pole Extensions for Magnetic Top ToolingSelf-shimming pole extensions are the ultimate solution for holding rough or deformed parts.

These blocks conform to the shape of the part when the chuck is “off.” Once the chuck is magnetized, the self-shimming pole extensions not only lock to the part, they also lock in position without deformation.

Warped plates can be machined flat and stepped parts can be machined without warping.

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