Select the Best Magnetic Chuck for the Workholding Job

Magnetic Chuck Types and Applications

Magnetic chuck design has evolved to maximizing work holding power while taking into account the application. The strongest magnetic chuck is not necessarily the best. Here are some considerations when selecting a magnetic chuck.

Permanent Magnet Fine Pole
Maintains a low magnetic penetration to the work piece. This allows for superior holding on thinner pieces. No negative effects on Sinker EDM operations near the surface.

Permanent Magnet Standard Pole
Maintains a deep penetrating magnetic circuit and is used to maximize holding power as the work piece is usually unsupported.

Wire EDM
The single pole design eliminates the potential for removed material to affect the cutting zone.

Permanent Hard Milling
Concentration of the magnet forces allows holding of smaller hardened pieces. Superior magnetic flux control allow rough and finish mill operations without buildup of chips in the cutting zone.

Electric Magnet
Most commonly found on surface grinder. Fairly inexpensive to manufacture while giving good holding power and variable settings.

Electro-Permanent Magnet
Incorporates the highest strength for the broadest range of work pieces. The use of top tooling creates 5 sided access and thru hole machining. The design allows palletization. No thermal growth allows for higher accuracy applications. The control allows variable power settings and demagnetization cycle.