Customizing Precision Stainless Steel Chucks

Much of our designs tend to lean toward the smaller side of things.  For example our 3 jaw chuck line has a version which will hold a .008” diameter part.

Well, we do go the other way.

This is a 9-Jaw beast with a capacity of 7 to 8 inches.  Sense of scale is that the thru hole shown is 8”.  Customer is a medical device OEM who needed to position parts on center within .0002” but the part diameters were ranging +- .050”.  This did it with tolerance to spare.

Custom 9 Jaw Precision Stainless Steel Chuck
Custom 9 Jaw Precision Stainless Steel Chuck Close Up

Other options are horizontal jaws instead of vertical jaws.

A die-stamping customer had parts with a cylindrically ground 30° taper almost 4” diameter at the base.  We took a standard design 3 to 4” capacity 6 jaw and turned the jaws 90°.  Now as the jaws close the work piece is forced down to a stop and centralized.

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