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Altering a Magnetic Chuck for Custom Setup

Here is an example of our approach to a custom magnetic chuck by adding a fine pole top plate (top tooling) to an existing magnet.

Custom Tool Solutions for Your Manufacturing Requirements

Many applications can be addressed by taking a standard product and altering it by size, orientation or material.

Customizing Precision Stainless Steel Chucks

View an example of a custom stainless steel 9-jaw chuck with a capacity of 8″ and other customizations.

Dovetail Fixtures: 4 & 5 Axis Workholding Solutions

Loading material onto a Dovetail Fixture Prepared workpiece being loaded into a Dovetail Fixture Simple Machine dovetail detail into the workpiece Rigid Workpiece is clamped into a solid shoulder resulting in high strength & distortion free holding …

Evolution of the Hermann Schmidt Stainless Steel Rotary Index Fixture

Learn how the Hermann Schmidt Stainless Steel Rotary Index Fixture was designed to meet today’s new demands for a device of superior quality and flexibility while also addressing the changing workforce in the industry.

How do you set precise angles without a Sine Plate using the NBI Indexer?

Simple long-lasting indexing plates can be set to any angle very accurately. Loosen the back side nut until the plastic plates are loosePull the seconds plate to the back of the fixtureJoin the minutes plate teeth into the seconds plate teethHold these …

How to Choose Between Fine Pole Magnets and Hard Milling Magnets

When comparing Fine Pole Magnets to Hard Milling Magnets in work-holding applications, it is important to consider these key factors.

How to Maintain Your BTD Style Chuck

Spend your time maintaining the interior of precision chucks. Here are some simple and effective maintenance tips.

How to Properly Use a Magnetic Squaring Block / Chuck

To get the finest results from a magnetic squaring block / chuck, correct setup is vital. Here are key steps in the process.

How to Use Expanding Collet Pins to Increase Accuracy

Videos that demonstrate some of the ways expanding collet pins can increase accuracy, precision, and speed.

Magnetic Top Tooling Examples

Pole extensions and self-shimming support.

Narrow Wheel Dresser Operating Instructions

When operated correctly, our narrow wheel dresser can successfully dress wheels down to .010″ with minimum wheel failure.

Narrow Wheel Dressing – How Thin Can I Go?

Calculations and chart to determine what wheel to use for narrow wheel dressing.

Palletizing Services – Considerations

When palletizing work on a reference system, there are many issues which should be considered.

Proper Set Up for Achieving High-Quality Flat Surface Grinding Results

Several basic areas should be addressed before effectively evaluating the quality of a surface grinder. Correct and precise set up procedures are necessary to achieve the best results of the grinding tool.

Repairing Hermann Schmidt Tools

We fully support all of the products we currently sell and have many spare parts for non-current products. We offer full rebuild service including regrinding if required. We will sell you any spare parts we have and will also assist you with reinstalling those items.

Select the Best Magnetic Chuck for the Workholding Job

The strongest magnetic chuck is not necessarily the best. Here are some considerations when selecting a magnetic chuck.

Selecting the Right Spin & Index Fixture

Tool choices include SquareTech, Flatspin, Grindit, Indexer, & Stainless Steel Rotary Index Fixture. Choose the best tool for your manufacturing application.

SquareTech High Precision 90° Indexer: Real-World Test

We make great claims of the quality and accuracy of our SQUARETech High Precision 90° Indexer. So how does the SquareTech Indexer actually measure up in the real world? We tested it. Here are our results.

SquareTech: Mounting of Workpieces

SquareTech system workpiece holding options include: directly to Matrix pallet, to a reference system. to a manual vise, and to a magnetic chuck.

SquareTech: Presetting Workpiece on Center

This presetter features reversible gage arms to allow workpieces up to 11” x 11” to be centered. It is compatible with System 3R: Macro, Macromagnum and Matrix systems. The system is applicable to the following workholding solutions: Magnetics, Direct to Reference System, and Vises.

Stainless Steel Precision Chuck Benefits

Our BTD line of stainless steel precision chucks was conceived when there was a need for workholding in the wire EDM environment while spinning and burning. The only other option available at the time was a collet setup. The BTDR essentially replaced t …

Why Doesn’t Hermann Schmidt Still Sell…

Product life is not forever in this now fast-paced industry. However, we still regularly build custom solutions including angle plates, non-magnetic sine plates and 123 blocks for customers.