Precision Grinding Vise 4” Capacity – VO-4

  • Flat, parallel & square within .0002″
  • Hardness: 60-62 RC
  • Deep frozen for stability
  • On/Off wrench included

$ 1,010

Mount to:
Reference Systems

The model V0-4 consists of a one-piece base and stationary jaw, and a movable jaw with quick acting, ratchet screw. The screw pulls the movable jaw forward and down at approximately 45º. This eliminates lifting of the jaw when clamping small or thin work pieces.

Two counter bored holes are provided in both stationary and moveable jaw for mounting parallels or “V” shaped pads. The base also has four counter bored holes allowing the vise to be mounted.

Manufactured of ductile iron hardened and deep frozen for stability, the bottom is lapped flat and finish ground parallel, square to the lapped surface. The movable jaw is individually fitted for accuracy.


Length: 6 12
Width: 3″
Height: 2 38
Weight: 7.5 lbs.
Depth of Jaw: 114
Jaw Opening: 0-4”