Magnetic Chuck for Hard Milling 12″ x 12″- MCS12X12HSM

  • Highest Strength
  • No Chip Contamination


$ 7,495

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  • MCS12x12HSM - box 2
Areas of Use:
Mount to:
Reference Systems

Flat, parallel, and square within .0002″

  • Completely Sealed
  • Four Rails included
  • Ground within .0002″ of nominal size of z dimension allowing for consistent work offsets over multiple chucks
  • Chucks are available as full squared corners or as shown above for rotary storage systems.  Note this is two 6×12″ chucks.

The Hard Milling Chucks feature a design that concentrates the magnetic forces to allow holding of smaller hardened pieces. Superior magnetic flux control allows rough and finish milling operations without buildup of chips in the cutting zone.