Magnetic Chuck for Conventional Milling – HEX2

  • Designed specifically for centered workpieces

$ 3,350

Mount to:
Reference Systems

This magnetic system offers the highest strength for the broadest size range of work.
This also allows the use of top tooling to create more access to the work piece.

Electro-Permanent Magnetic Technology
Allows for:
High Strength
– Dual magnetic system for enhanced power

Top Tooling
– Workpiece is lifted off of Magnet face allowing for:
– Five sided machining
– Thru hole machining
– Minimizing chip contamination

High Accuracy
– Due to no heat generation

– Plug & socket design
– Power only required to turn “On” or “Off”

– Not affected by power failure
– Fully Sealed

– Variable power settings

One fixture for multiple size parts
– Multiple units can be used to cover larger surface or non-symmetrical parts

Length: 6 5/16″
Width: 3 15/16″
Height: 2 1/2″
Weight: 14 lbs.