Leveling Head for RIF-S – LH-RIFS

  • Eliminates Fixture Shimming

$ 1,450

taper range of minus .0003+”/inch length to plus .0003+”/inch length

The leveling head is built to provide a total taper movement of .0007”/inch off of the spindle face. It is then ground to the midpoint of its movement to provide a taper range of minus .0003+”/inch to plus .0003+”/inch.

For example: You have a 2” long pin held in a v-block. The tip of the pin will be able to move .0006”+ in either direction from spindle centerline.

The adjusting screw (3/16” Allen key), provides the movement in the fixture.

The leveling head is mounted to the bottom of the Model RIF-S stainless steel rotary index fixture. It is designed to eliminate shimming. It can be used to either align a workpiece to perfect squareness or to raise the plane of a workpiece to create a draft angle.