Leveling Head for Submersible Precision Rotary Indexer – LH-SUBX

  • Eliminates Fixture Shimming

$ 1,450

Taper range of minus .0003+”/inch length to plus .0003+”/inch length

The leveling head is built to provide a total taper movement of .0007”/inch off of the spindle face. It is then ground to the midpoint of its movement to provide a taper range of minus .0003+”/inch to plus .0003+”/inch.

For example: You have a 2” long pin held in a v-block. The tip of the pin will be able to move .0006”+ in either direction from spindle centerline.

The adjusting screw (3/16” Allen key), provides the movement in the fixture.

The leveling head is mounted to the bottom of the Submersible Precision Rotary Indexer. It is designed to eliminate shimming. It can be used to either align a workpiece to perfect squareness or to raise the plane of a workpiece to create a draft angle.


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