Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck, High Power 16 Pole

  • Highest Holding Power
  • Top Tooling Options

Note: Product photo is for the 24-pole version.

$ 3,780

Mount to:
Reference Systems

Electro-Permanent Magnetic Technology for Milling

  • Ready designs from 10” x 12” to 40” x 60”
  • Custom sizes from 4” x 7” to 8’ x 30’


High Accuracy:  Construction from mono-block steel case
No Heat Generation:  Requires control to turn “On” or “Off”, then unplug for use
Maximize Part Access:   Top tooling allows for workpiece smaller than magnetic face to be machined on 5 sides
Fully Vacuum Potted:  Vacuum filled with dielectric resin which becomes a solid block with no voids or moving parts
Highest Power:  Dual magnet system produces a pull force potential per pole pair of 1650 lbf for maximum grip
Palletizing: Mounts on any referencing systems.  Power only required to turn magnet “On” or “Off”
Flexible: One work holding solution for multiple part geometries
Safety: Not affected by power failure and fully sealed and potted against liquids

Size: 12″ x 12″ x 3″nominal (310 x 300 x 76 mm)
Weight: 119 lbs.
Poles: 16, 50×50 mm poles with M8 tapped tooling holes on center

Minimum suggested part size:
3 12” x312” centered over 4 poles

Minimum suggest part thickness:
1” if less than 8 poles covered
12” if 16 poles covered

Required Control:

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