Stainless Steel Magnetic Chuck – EML

  • Designed for larger work piece.
  • Can be rotated for tall work piece.
  • Flat, parallel and square within .0001″
  • Completely Sealed

$ 1,920

Areas of Use:
Mount to:
Reference Systems

This stainless steel magnetic chuck was designed with consideration given to the unique environment in a wire EDM.  The single pole layout eliminates the potential for removed material to affect the EDM cutting zone.

The chuck can be clamped directly to the machine by toe clamps on the lower plate.  The bottom plates and side stop can be interchanged so the chuck can be rotated for tall work piece support.

Length: 5 1/8″
Width: 2 1/2″
Height: 2 1/2″
Weight: 9 lbs.