Compound Fine Pole Magnetic Sine Plate Right Hand 6” x 6” – CM6x6FPHR

  • Flat, parallel & square within .0002″
  • Completely Sealed
  • Angles 0° to 45° within .0002″
  • Mahogany case included
  • CM6x6FPHL Shown


$ 4,495

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Areas of Use:

The fine pole magnetic circuit (FPH) maintains a low magnetic penetration to the work piece. This allows for superior holding of thinner workpieces. The design has no negative effects on sinker edm operations near the surface of the magnet.

This design allows for a very low height and light weight sine plate. The patented sine plate locking system ensures positive clamp down without any negative affects to sine accuracy.

The fine pole top plate has 56 116” major poles separated by 132“. Stainless steel strips and utilizes rare earth magnets. The chucks are completely sealed and suitable for wet grinding or RAM type EDM.

Bottom plates are oil hardening tool steel, deep frozen for stability. Rolls are oil hardening tool steel.

All sine plates come with:

  • Two hardened rails
  • Patented locking system, which locks directly over the front roll with a range of 0º to 50º
  • Mahogany storage case.

Length: 6″
Width: 6″
Height: 4 916
Weight: 31 lbs.
Center distance of rolls 5″ ± .0001″