Aluminum Dovetail Fixture – Double Clamp 1.5” –RDTAL150-2

  • Simple
  • Rigid
  • Maximize Part Access
  • Minimize Material Use

$ 999

Mount to:
Reference Systems

The design maximizes part access while minimizing excess material use. This allows one workholding solution for any part being machined.
Multiple fixtures can be mounted to tombstones, nests or base plates.
Material prep is only the cutting of the dovetail.
Now the workholding is independent of the workpiece.

Dovetail Cutters are available for all material types in 3 & 4 flute.

Not in stock ships in 5 working days.

Dovetail Size
Length: 1.50″
Width: 2.35″
Depth: .125

Fixture Size
Diameter: 5″
Height: 3″
Weight: 4 LBS.

Maximum Suggested Workpiece Size
Length: 6.75″
Width: 6.75″
Height: 6.75″
Weight: 30 LBS.

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