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Reference System Palletizing Services

Hermann Schmidt tools integrate directly with your palletized environment, including System 3R, Erowa, and Hirschmann referencing systems. Our product accuracy and reliability, coupled with the repeatability of a referencing system, allows for the reduction of set-up time and increased productivity from your machine tool.


Our mounting services for palletizing systems guarantees that specific x-y-x locations are held.

Accuracy and reliability

  • Hermann Schmidt products are built for longevity and maintain dimensional stability over time.

Reduction of set-up time and increased productivity

  • Dealer services for System 3R, Erowa, and Hirschmann, with repeatability of 2 microns.
  • Some subsystems within their offerings can deliver 1 micron or better repeatability.
  • With a repeating system, measure once and then trust it returns to the same location.
  • Work-holding setup for future repetitions is essentially seconds.

Palletizing products and mounting services guarantee that specific x-y-z locations are held.

  • All products marked with the palletizing designation have mounting protocol to place x-y-z surfaces at specific locations.
  • Tool dimensions and accuracy are held over the life of the product.
  • This allows reference locations in your machine to be flat, square, and parallel for multiple units with the same dimensions.
  • You do not need different offsets for different pallets which minimizes error.
  • As needs expand, you can buy matching tooling in the future. You do not need to buy “matching” sets all at once.

Examples from our Photo Gallery

7.5 master side

Custom 7.5″ Diameter Master

Custom master 7.5" diameter, 6" long.  Tolerance better than .0001" round, .0001" square to the face.  Center holes are for...
approaching flash 500 loaded

Transporter End of Arm Tooling with Pallet

Custom end of arm grippers set up for transporter.  Allows fine placement of automation pallet in either vertical or horizontal...
camera on dovetail

Camera Mount on System 3R Dovetail

Stainless steel camera mount on System 3R dovetail.