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Hermann Schmidt Service Policy

Hermann Schmidt is a name that has been synonymous with precision work holding since 1962. All Hermann Schmidt products are manufactured of the finest materials, and have been thoroughly inspected and tested in every phase of production.

Due to the confidence we have in our products, Hermann Schmidt Precision Workholding does not provide a written warranty, but rather stands behind its reputation for customer service and satisfaction.

Simply stated, we will consider requests for service or repair of Hermann Schmidt Precision Workholding equipment on a case by case basis. A determination will be made, taking into consideration such things as the age and condition of the equipment, and the circumstances surrounding its malfunction or other problem.

Hermann Schmidt Precision Workholding will not be responsible for defects resulting from ordinary wear and tear, alteration by unauthorized persons, misuse, or failure to provide reasonable and normal maintenance.

Should any Hermann Schmidt Precision Workholding product require service or repair under this service policy, it must be delivered transportation prepaid to the Hermann Schmidt Co. The product must be accompanied by proof of purchase, and a letter explaining the problem. The precision products should also be insured by the owner at the time of shipment, as Hermann Schmidt Precision Workholding can accept no responsibility for damage or loss in transit.