Magnetic Face Tooling / Top Tooling

Magnetic face / top tooling comes in many different forms and delivers different solutions for different customers.

Many times when a magnet is used, the work piece is placed directly on the magnetic chuck face and the magnet is turned on.  There are times when the application of a piece of tooling between the magnetic face and the work piece can greatly enhance the capabilities of the magnet.

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The following are some examples with individual characteristics.  Many of these can be combined for the optimal magnetic workholding solution.

Pole Extensions

Steel blocks bolted to the chuck face are used to lift the part off of the chuck to provide clearance for thru drilling, edge and back drilling.  They can also be configured to facilitate part location, transferring magnetic holding to side of part and eliminating chip contamination in the cutting zone.

Rings and Drivers

For round work rings can be manufactured as blanks or fully profiled to provide greater workpiece access on the ID & OD allowing one size of magnet to accommodate many varying diameters.  Drivers can be manufactured with carbide inserts for greater wear resistance or in styles that convert mono pole chucks  (air gap return) to radial pole magnetic characteristics.


Self-shimming pole extensions conform to the shape of the part when the chuck is off.  Once magnetized they lock into position, resulting in no part deformation prior to machining.  Leveling heads can be built into the base of a magnetic chuck to allow fine adjustment of the magnetic surface.

Friction Coating

Friction coating can be added to most tooling to significantly increase the resistance to slide forces.  Doubling of the workholding force is achievable.

The above characteristics can be incorporated into magnetic system to greatly improve performance.

View Face Tooling Examples in Our Photo Library


Examples from our Photo Gallery

Parallel w nested part

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FPH on HSM Pin back

Fine Pole Transfer Plate with Part Location

Fine pole transfer plate on top of hard milling magnet.  Multiple transfer plates were made for different customer workpieces.  Outside...
loaded closeup

Custom Magnet for Small Parts with Leveling on System 3R Matrix Pallet

Custom bi-pole electro permanent magnetic chuck was built for parts smaller than 1" diameter.   The top tooling is friction coated to increase...